Exponential Growth, Year One: part 17

Episode 81


Episode 82


Doc Civilization; that’s me.

Episode 83



In 2015 I devised a magical ceremony designed to funnel the energy of a length of street between two parks, over a river, and beginning at a crossroads where  train tracks once crossed on a diagonal.  Grab the energy and then use it to become better!  That was my goal.  I used that forgotten artifact of the 90’s, the LS linking sigil.  Unbeatable, I thought.  that week both my phone and my computer died, locking me out of Yahoo, facebook, Instagram, and my squarespace account, which expired while I had no access to the internet.  My old accounts are still available for you to laugh at on-line.  So I must say that it can backfire; magick can backfire.  I’m just now recovering.

Episode 84



episode 85




She’s married now.

And I think that completes my lost first year.


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